About Us

QMFarms was launched in October 2015 as a farm and agricultural firm. Our business model is based on social entrepreneurship where the welfare and growth of our employees and community is just as important as the progress and profit of the company.

The company was founded and is led by two individuals. Our CEO and cofounder has adegree in Human Psychology and Premedical sciences. She is an agriculture and health enthusiast as well as a strong advocate for sustainable agriculture, organic farming practices and poverty alleviation.

Our director and cofounder, Mayowa Oyinkanola oversees the operations of the farm. He has an extensive background in animal husbandary, crop production and agric consultancy. He has a B.Tech in Animal production and Health and also a Masters in Animal production and management. Together both individuals bring a unique and pivotal experience to sustain and grow the company. The farm currently has 2 employees and 2 interns including a farm a manager who holds a B.tech in Agricultural extension and rural development. This unique combined experiences fuels the company’s vision/mission.

Our vision is to ensure food security in Nigeria. To achieve this, we focus on our mission of bringing an innovative yet sustainable agricultural solution to the food crisis in Nigeria. Though we are a new company, our goal is to build a good reputation in the field of agriculture and become a key player in Nigeria’s food industry by letting our love for agriculture, sustainability and the desire to achieve food security be the driving force of our company.

QMfarms is more than just a farm. We want to revolutionize how agriculture is done in Nigeria. We offer agricultural consultancy to new farmers looking to set up successful farms and agric businesses as well as existing farms who wish to review their approach to agric in order to maximize profit and increase their impact in their respective communities. We are committed to impacting the future of agriculture.

Currently, our main farm produces are chickens (meat) and eggs and the quality of these produces are very important to us. Overtime, we will incorporate crop production and venture into other aspects in the agricultural sector such as processing, storage and distribution.

With the average global age of farmers being 60.5 years, we believe at QM farm that the youths are indeed the future of agriculture and so we aim to correct the rhetoric in Nigeria that ‘agriculture and farming is an occupation for the poor’ and encourage young people to explore and develop interests in agriculture. With that in mind, the farm launched #letstalkagric – a social media inspired crowdsourcing project aimed at increasing youth participation in the agricultural sector. We have since organized 2 successful events in Lagos and Abuja which provided an avenue for agric enthusiasts, youths interested in farming, new farmers and shareholders to gather, discuss agricultural challenges and proffer solutions. We look forward to expanding this initiative and working with private and government organizations accordingly.

We want young people to love agriculture, to consider agriculture as a viable career option because to us at QMFarms ltd, Agriculture is more than just a job or a career alternative, it is a way of Life!